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We Understand

When it comes to decor in a space, there are certain fixed objects in a room that may hinder your overall presentation of the space. These objects are more function over form and its time to change that. When you bring function and form together, you begin to have functioning art. This is where you can bring life to your space with the proper cabinetry to match your perfect look you have been chasing. 


Don't know where to start?

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen or even undertaking a new construction project. It can become such an overwhelming thought process at times. Colors, styles, textures, dimensions it all leads to many levels of frustration. Here at Sheffield's Woodworks, we strive to make it an enjoyable process from start to finish. From the first initial phone consultation, you will find how easy it is to have a custom kitchen designed for you. 


Deciding between full custom kitchen with our Signature collection, or the easy to assemble DIY Luxury line can be a difficult choice. When it comes to the major differences between our two styles of cabinetry, it really comes down to personal preference. In our DIY Luxury line, colors and styles are limited to about 20 choices; Whereas our Signature collection, the possibilities are endless with any species of wood, design, and color.  


Will you find the color you desire in our

DIY Luxury Line?

Click here for our DIY Luxury line

Or indulge in perfection with our

Signature Collection?

Click here for our signature line




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