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green focus:

We focus on the use of natural resources combined with FCS certified, reclaimed or recycled materials to minimize overall carbon footprint. Updating an older home with modern construction methods and materials allows for your home to be enjoyed for generations to come.


With the number of materials removed from renovating your home, it can mean large trips to the landfill. We try to upcycle materials as much as possible to even further reduce the overall carbon footprint of any home renovation.


 Physical materials are the first thought when trying to remain "green". What about the invisible bi-products that come along with construction? We are talking about air quality, VOC, the stinky aroma that comes with some materials. Here at Sheffield's Woodworks, we focus low VOC, nontoxic materials that allow not only a beautiful look and feel but a natural smell as well. 



Home Renovation

When looking at the big picture of renovating your home, it really doesn't matter if it's water damage repair, adding a bathroom, or even just a simple freshening up with some new trim. All in all, it's your home that really matters. Here at Sheffield's Woodworks, we do things a little different. We're not here to shove idea's down your throat and build in only one way. With many building styles that range from the classic craftsman style to the most extreme sleek modern renovations, you can always count on us to translate your dreams into reality.

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