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Privacy Policy

Your protection and the security of all users of the Audacious One Company site ( are essential to us. This Web Site Privacy Policy relates just to individual information that Audacious One Company gathers on the web. We gather individual information in different approaches to empower us to furnish you with our services and products.

We may ask for individual information from you using online forms, surveys, overviews or voting polls. Support is voluntary, and you will have the chance to choose whether or not to unveil information. On occasion, you may need to enroll to vote or to participate in a survey. Where we gather information from you or your supplier, we just gather the information for relevant reasons. We may likewise gather information about you through our operators.

When you present a demand for information, offers or quotes or make an expression of interest in regards to a sort of service or product (by, for instance, finishing a questionnaire or form), we may share your demand or expression of interest and the information you give (your personal and therapeutic information included) with outsider businesses who market, offer or give such services or products or might have the capacity to give you the quotes or other information you express enthusiasm for, and, as appropriate, with their members and outsider marketing companies (by and large, "Business Providers"). When you present a demand for information, offers or quotes or make an expression of interest on a type of service or product, you authorize us to give your information (any therapeutic information you give included) to those Business Providers and to enable them to get in touch with you directly.

If you submit a demand for information or quotes for any home renovation services, we will uncover/forward your information to Business Providers including contractors, cabinet manufacturing facilities who are keen on reaching you to give the requested information or quotes and market home services or products to you.

If you don't furnish us with the information we require, we won't have the capacity to deliver you with the services or products you have requested. You have the comfortable time to ask for reasonable access to the information we hold about you. We maintain the authority needed to charge for recovery of your data.

You may choose to limit our utilization of your information. If you are a client of our services or Website, you may limit distribution of your information by demonstrating such limitations in your account when inquired. On our Web Site, you have the choice to remove your name and individual information from any information that will or might be revealed to an outsider in spite of the fact that divulgences to law enforcement or to meet another lawful requirement may even be required.

You may decide to "quit" of giving individual information from numerous points of view. While choosing certain features or services of our site, you can choose to share individual information in regards to the specific feature or service.

You may likewise "quit" completely from giving individual information to us by not giving information or enrolling on our Web Site. You may likewise pick at a later date to have your name deleted from our database. Nonetheless, certain segments of our Web Site do require registration for utilizing these services and segments. If you choose not to sign up or give certain information, these segments won't be accessible for your utilization.

Your record containing your information is password-protected. Just the individuals who sign on with your password can get to your record. We have taken appropriate safety measures to shield your information from loss, abuse and unapproved access, exposure, modification, and demolition. However, please remember that you have a profitable impact on security too. You are in charge of securing your password for accessing to your record. After you have used the Web Site, you ought to log off and leave your browser so that no authorized individual can utilize our Web Site with your name and record information. Besides, if you give any information to gatherings who operate sites that are connected to or from our Web Site, distinctive standards may apply to their accumulation, use, or exposure of your information. We urge you to assess the privacy policies of such different sites before uncovering any delicate or individual information. Despite the safety measures taken by you or by us, "culminate security" does not exist on the Internet. We can't guarantee or warrant a definitive security of any information you transmit.

This website is cookie-enabled to give you a more altered client experience. A cookie is a little measure of information that is sent to your browser from a web server and kept on your PC's hard drive. Cookies are utilized to gather information on the number of guests to our site and the number of pages viewed. It is likewise used to give important information to our guests and for system and site administration, including innovative work, client investigation, and basic business leadership.

This privacy policy applies to guests to the site, which is operated and owned by Audacious One Company (from now on alluded to as "we," "our," or "us"). The motivation behind this privacy policy is to uncover to you what data we may gather, how we may gather it, with whom we may share it, and certain different matters related to such information, including the decisions you have in regards to our accumulation of information and our utilization and divulgence to different parties of information we may have gathered from you.

Every once in a while, we may get in touch with you (through the mail, email, telephone or SMS) to advise you about services, products or advantages offered by Audacious One Company, its related elements and affiliate associations which we consider of potential advantage to you and your family. If you don't wish to be reached for promotional or marketing purposes, you may quit by reaching us. If you have inquiries regarding this privacy policy, please get in touch with us at our EMAIL.

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